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Kungfu Online
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Kungfu Online Description

Face your enemies as you roam the vast and mysterious plains of Cloudsville as part of one of seven ancient clans in this riveting martial arts themed browser game...


Kungfu Online is a free-to-play browser game set in an ancient fantasy world. Take on creep monsters, complete thrilling tasks, form a guild and rise to victory as you level up. As you level up, more adventures, challenges and exciting tasks are unlocked. Start Kungfu Online by deciding with which of the seven clans your loyalties will lie with. Choose from the disciplined Shao-Lin Monastery, the balanced Wu-Tang Clan, the agile O-mei, the eccentric Beggar's Clan, the fierce Tienshan Clan, the powerful Ming Cult Clan and the unwavering Tang Clan.

Become a master of martial arts and overthrow your enemies with sheer strength and power. As you become more experienced your martial soul will enter new realms, bringing you more skills. With unique PvP combat, guild vs. guild skirmishes, martial arts tournaments and epic arena battles, Kungfu Online has endless ways in which you can display the might of your strength and martial arts skills. As you level up you gain accesses to mysterious and dark instances, where ferocious boss monsters await your arrival. But beware of who you slay in Kungfu Online – by killing the wrong players or NPCs you may end up in prison!

There are a large number of quests and tasks to complete in Kungfu Online. These include exciting daily tasks handed out by NPCs, challenging and compulsory main tasks, chain tasks, branch tasks and growth tasks. In addition to this, there are regular treasure hunting events where you can explore the lush plains of Cloudsville in search of valuable treasure. Take time off from taxing quests and intense combat by participating in tranquil meditation – this sacred practice will not only refresh your energy, but will provide you with valuable experience points.

Get ready to high-kick your way through Cloudsville, overthrowing your enemies along the way, and embarking on a journey to becoming a powerful and infamous martial arts hero.

by Kyle Hayth

Kungfu Online Screenshots

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