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Kultan Description

Welcome on board captain! A seemingly lost continent full of challenging puzzles, mysterious secrets and unfathomable treasures await you. Embark on your ship and experience true adventure!


In the browser-based, free-to-play game Kultan: The World Beyond, you will be immersed in a 3D adventure. From the sunny Caribbean seas to the mysterious mangrove forests of Kurang, this new world is just waiting to be explored. A fun combination of mystery and danger come together in this MMORPG strategy game and you will be ready to face them with your very own ship and ready crew.

Kultan is a magical continent which you must set out to explore as the captain of your ship. There are many different ships for you to command, the only question is: which one is the right one for you? You can customize your ship with weapons and armor to create the ultimate seafaring vessel. By combining the right parts, you can create a powerful battleship or a swift corvette to journey across the waves. Every change or upgrade to your ship can be seen immediately on the ship.

There are a total of three different playable classes and three different factions in Kultan: The World Beyond. As the Mystic, Adventurer or Commander, you will decide which course you and your crew will take. Each class features different advantages and skills for you to employ as you encounter the unknown on your travels. The factions are groups of people united together under one banner. The Caliphate Almeerah are old, wise people and trust in the divine power, the Tian Empire is a proud and pitiless people and the Republic of Gudtholm are incredibly ingenious. As with the classes, each faction also lends a helpful skill to its followers…

Kultan: The World Beyond features high-quality, 3D graphics right in your browser, bringing the strategy game to life and letting you immerse yourself into the story. With expansive landscapes and customizable ships, you will rarely see the same thing twice.

by Kyle Hayth

Kultan Screenshots

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