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Koyotl Description

Immerse yourself in a world with a magical nature folk and begin your journey of discovery through underground tunnels, over expansive fields and long-lost ruins...


In the fantasy filled world of Koyotl, you will encounter spirits of the forest, golems and many other mystical creatures. You will journey through the wilderness and venture into vast, dangerous cave systems.

Along your way, you may run into such creatures as Magma Golems and spirits who are not in the best of moods. In the 3-D MMORPG Koyotl, you must always be on your toes because danger is just around the corner and who knows how many of those evil creatures wait in the darkness?

There are plenty of action-packed adventures that you can expect to experience in the magical world of Koyotl. As you slip into your role, you must learn the ways of the spirit-world and contact the mythical ghosts of the past. At the same time, you can assert your power over Bear Warriors and fight against Magma Golems or run through the forest as a badger.

Of course, on your journey through the land of Koyotl you do not always have to be alone. With some searching and a little bit of luck, you may find a little companion who is always at your side, ready to fight. Together, you can discover the world which is full of danger with a little more security.

The Flash-based, 3D browser game Koyotl is based on the mythical Indian culture and will lead you through different landscapes of a one-of-a-kind fantasy world.

by Kyle Hayth

Koyotl Screenshots

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