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Korner 5
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Korner 5 Description

Giant bobbleheads are going crazy on the soccer field! If you thought you knew what there is to know about soccer, Korner 5 will prove you wrong!


The free-to-play game Korner 5 allows you to slip into the role of a clever soccer manager, who not only manages and organizes his team, but also actively contributes to their success by playing alongside them in all soccer matches. Now that is the kind of multitasking we would like to see in real life! Naturally, it is not solely up to you what happens on the soccer field, as you are only one part of your team. Similarly to a MOBA (massively online battle arena), you step onto the field with your team to battle it out against your opponents. Your goal is to claim victory over them – at least in the multiplayer game mode. Here, you can only succeed if each member of the team actively works together and knows their role on the soccer field.

Another fun feature in Korner 5 – aside from managing your team and helping them win each match – is the ability to create and design your very own talented star player. He will be the main celebrity of your team and should shine! Make sure to create a unique player who stands out. The browser game allows you to change and customize each and every inch of your avatar. More than just his looks, you also get to customize his objects and skin. Turn him into a unique soccer player in Korner 5.

Naturally, the most important part of the soccer game is your ranking on the official score boards. How do you compare to other players and their teams? You need more than just good looks to succeed on the field. You need stamina, perfect tactics, and a powerful will.

Korner 5 is an interactive online game that allows you to communicate with other players from all over the world. Play against them or with them as you try to become the most successful player and manager of all times. Regularly team up with some players and come up with great strategies to defeat all other players.

Korner 5 Screenshots

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