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KO Champs
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KO Champs Description

The main goal in this game is to become the boxing champion of all associations! You decide what weight class you want to compete in and then you have to face strong opponents...


KO Champs is a boxing simulation. You are the manager of your boxing student; you have to train and promote him. The path to becoming an international star is long. Before he gets there, he has got to do a lot of hard training and many fights in lower leagues. In the online game KO Champs you fight against thousands of other players who are also hoping to reach the high leagues of professional boxing.

In KO Champs you not only put together a detailed training plan, but also take care of the optimization of the boxer's private life. After all, only a satisfied athlete with a clear brain will make a good sportsman. If he is constantly distracted by things outside the ring, his ability to focus necessarily suffers. He lets the defense slide and his attacks are less precise.

The most important categories in KO Champs are physique, impact and defense values. The struggles of KO Champs are animated. Although the presentation appears a bit stiff, the game is still much more vivid than a simple log table which lists the results after a fight- which you probably know from many other games.

by Kyle Hayth

KO Champs Screenshots

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