Knights of the Sky
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Knights of the Sky
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Knights of the Sky Description

In this free-to-play, browser-based strategy game, you will fight for the glory of your nation as you struggle to bring numerous territories under your control.


Knights of the Sky is a free-to-play online game that will pit you against thousands of other players from around the world in strategic battles. You must claim territories for your faction and defeat your opponents in all-out war. Whether you decide to fight for the Empire or the Federation, there is going to be a long road ahead of you.

There are over ten different territories which will be fought for in Knights of the Sky. These territories are vast and by controlling them, you can make great strides for your nation. Inside of these territories, you will find over 100 locations, each can be won or lost in battle.

The battles, of course, are an integral part of Knights of the Sky. You will be able to use your sky castle and charge headlong at the enemy with your troops and heroes alongside. Heroes are quite important in your army. Knights of the Sky features over 200 various heroes who you can deploy in battle, each with unique skills and abilities.

However, it is not just about conquering and strategizing in Knights of the Sky. In order to be a successful leader, you will also need to construct, improve and upgrade all of your structures. This includes your mighty sky castle. To fuel your ever-growing war machine, you will have to continuously collect and process resources. Resources are the life-blood of your empire and only by conquering new territories will you be able to discover more.

In Knights of the Sky, you will not only be challenged with running your empire, recruiting your troops and gather resources, but you will have to face down with your opponents as well. No one said that claiming territories for your faction would be easy, but that is all part of the fun…

by Kyle Hayth

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