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Knight's Fable
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Knight's Fable Description

Gain experience and level up your hero by slaying monsters all throughout this fantasy world. The further you get, the more difficult the challenges become. Team up with other players to beat even the toughest of bosses and take home legendary loot...


Every fantasy world needs a hero and in Knight’s Fable, this is you. The online world is in need of some serious assistance and only you have what it takes to make everything right again. Evil forces have taken over and are terrorizing the universe. Grab your weapon and remember to put on your armor as playing through this browser game will be a bumpy ride: It is not only demons that lust after your soul, but also other champions. Prove your skill to others in alliance wars that will put multiple guilds to the test. Whoever puts forward the best teamwork and wins the battle takes home valuable prizes and rewards which will help to expand their kingdom even further.

Knight’s Fable will mostly put you up against monsters that are driven by artificial intelligence, however. If you stumble across other players while taking on a new adventure you are welcome to join forces and help each other out. Friends are an important asset in this free-to-play title, especially if you are planning on climbing the official leaderboard in as little time as possible. Every true hero needs legendary equipment to claim victory. Having others to easily take down elite creatures will be worth gold in the browser game published by GTArcade (League of Angels). Quite literally, as any excess loot can be sold to vendors and turned into a profit.

Four classes are currently available in Knight’s Fable. These are: the Knight who specializes in physical damage and lifesteal abilities, the Magi who controls elemental powers to sweep the battlefield, the Fighter who relies on his superhuman agility to take down enemy targets and the Spiritus who is of great assistance to any group of friends due to her healing and buffing abilities. Would you rather fight at the front of the battle and lead other players or stay back and make sure everyone stays alive? The choice is yours.

Knight's Fable Screenshots

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Knight's Fable News

  • Knight's Fable: Dark Steed and Battle Goldfish Mounts Now Available

    09/03/2014 02:00 am - Every brave warrior should have a noble steed to call his or her own. At least that’s what the people behind Knight’s Fable think, as they have now added mounts to the fantasy browser game. The latest update introduced a mount system that will give...more

  • Knight's Fable: Bonus Code Giveaway for Free Promo Packs

    08/21/2014 02:24 am - With a new feature that lets alliances summon a mighty dragon to aid them in battle and the addition of the City Defense game mode, Knight’s Fable players currently have their work cut out for them. What better way to quickly climb the official...more

  • Knight's Fable: City Defense Play Mode Now Available

    07/16/2014 05:30 am - A new play mode has been added to Knight’s Fable, the fantasy browser game. Think of the content addition as some sorts of tower defense mini-game: In City Defense, players have to protect their town against hordes of terrifying monsters and...more

Knight's Fable Giveaways

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