Knights and Brides
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Knights and Brides
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Knights and Brides Description

Are you ready for a world full of medieval fun and fantasy? Dive into this humorous role playing game and explore an enchanted kingdom full of mystical quests, interesting characters, and like-minded players.


Knights and Brides is a free-to-play RPG game where players must develop their characters profile bit by bit, and in doing so, explore a magical kingdom that is laden with fun challenges and mysterious quests. Choose to play as either male Knight or a rather presumptuously named female Bride as you take on all that this mysterious cartoon kingdom has to offer.

Brought to you by Plinga (Royal Story, Barbarians), this browser-based game lets you play as either a Knight or a Lady, each with their own personalities that will develop as you play through the game. The Hearty Knight is a strong looking, handsome soldier that will stand you in good stead to win a tournament, or there's the more agile but athletic Bold Knight, who is somewhat more of a lady’s man. The Stylish Lady is a fun flirtatious character with a big red rose in her hair, while the Affluent Lady is more of a mystery, with a wild child look about her. Choose to play as either of these characters and build their strengths as you enter tournaments and develop your camp.

Guided by your trusty uncle, you start out in a small settlement with a few basic amenities, like your tent, your horse, your eating table, and a few servants (because what knight doesn’t have servants these days, jeez). Explore the local area and you will find a number of buildings, like the Arena gates, which you must utilize to get your RPG adventure tale under way. Your task is to develop your headquarters, and grow your character’s profile, winning rewards by completing quests and participating in tournaments.

The Arena Gates are portals which are found all over the kingdom. They act as a mode of transportation, where they can teleport you to a different area in the kingdom or section in the Knights and Briders. In the knight's case it will transport you into a jousting competition, where you must engage in a tournament to win the King’s respects, and in turn win a number of useful rewards, like gems, weapons, or armor.

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