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KnightFight Description

Fight your way through a dark world between good and evil. You can take on the role of a paladin in shining armor or that of a dark knight in black steel...


In KnightFight, you decide which side your character is fighting for. This choice does not necessarily lead to far-reaching consequences. After all, in this online role-play it does not matter which side a fighter belongs to. They all want one thing only: the Crown. The player who manages to fight through one battle after another and always come out victorious receives the KnightFight Crown.

In good old RPG tradition, you are traveling with your character through the world -completing jobs, gaining experience and fighting against foreign knights. This will enable you to buy items that improve your skills or protect your body from attacks. In KnightFight there are also magic swords and chest protectors made of precious and especially protective material.

You can trade items you don’t need to the merchant to earn some money which you can use to buy items you need. Gambling is another way to make money in the free-to-play web game KnightFight.

Once you have gained a certain reputation as a knight, it certainly makes sense for you to join a guild or to create your own. Guild members help each other, plan joint actions and can share information more easily.

KnightFight is continuously being revised, which is why more and more features appear in the MMORPG.

by Kyle Hayth

KnightFight Screenshots

KnightFight Screenshot-0KnightFight Screenshot-1KnightFight Screenshot-2KnightFight Screenshot-3KnightFight Screenshot-4KnightFight Screenshot-5KnightFight Screenshot-6KnightFight Screenshot-7KnightFight Screenshot-8KnightFight Screenshot-9
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