Knight Online World
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Knight Online World
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Knight Online World Description

Scour the world for any residual power left behind from the mighty Cypher or Pathos and bring your nation the power necessary to end the Forever War...


Knight Online World is a free-to-play MMORPG where you are tasked with the survival of your nation. Choose to fight for either the El Morad or Karus and show your superior skills and tactics in intense player versus player combat.

Create a character and select one of four, powerful classes: mage, warrior, rogue or priest. Knight Online World gives you the chance to create the hero that you want and mold them into something that has never been seen before.

In Knight Online World, you can complete quests and defeat creatures to gain experience. By doing so, you will increase the level of character and unlock new skills and abilities. These can be powerful assets in the fight against other players and monsters in the world around you.

The world is always at war and Knight Online World features a persistent environment that is filled with player versus player action. Take on hundreds of others around you and prove that you have mastered your class and skills by defeating them.

Although Knight Online World is a free-to-play online game, you also have the opportunity to purchase content. This could give you a decisive edge in battle and prove to be the undoing of your foes.

In a world torn by chaos and war, you must rise to become the ultimate knight in Knight Online World. If you achieve supreme victory, you can become King and earn the respect of not only your own nation, but of your foes as well. You can adventure across the land and encounter terrifying monsters and cunning, skilled players and claim victory once and for all for your nation.

by Kyle Hayth

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