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Klondike Description

Unlock new achievements, meet online buddies and set up the most impressive farm that anyone has ever seen in this free social game. There's always another plant to grow, another animal to feed and take care of. Don't worry, the natives will help you...


Embark on an adventurous journey through North America and get in touch with the natives to find out what has happened to your father. Some time ago, he set out on an expedition and hasn’t returned since. As you look for clues and play through different missions in Klondike, you are asked to set up a farm and learn the ways of growing your own crops, breeding animals and turning resources into commodities that can be sold on the market. Join the online farming community in the browser of your choice or through Facebook, as Klondike is a social game in which you benefit from adding friends as neighbors - similar to games like Farmerama, Let's Farm or Dreamfields.

The most important thing to being a farmer is keeping every living thing that inhabits your lands happy. Tend to your gardens, pull out weeds and take good care of your animals; only then will you be able to collect stars, gather in-game currency and expand your property. Klondike wouldn’t be a farming simulation without flowers to grow and vegetables seeds to plant. Everything from beans, cabbage and wild strawberries can be planted in your soil, assuming you have enough energy to do so. Energy is a precious resource in this free-to-play title which can be saved by setting up factories and handing the task over to experienced farm workers. This way, there’s no need to individually chop down trees and waste energy on a job that others will gladly do for you.

Klondike is both a browser and a Facebook game. Should you log into the online game by using your social media account, you can invite your friends to become your neighbors and snatch up valuable rewards for doing so. The storyline of finding your father is ever-present and dealt with through daily quests and new challenges, but your main responsibility it to get your farm up and running.

Klondike Screenshots

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