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Kitsu Saga
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Kitsu Saga Description

Together with your loyal Kitsu fox spirit companion, you embark on an epic adventure in the mystical fantasy world in your bid to protect the land and ward off the impeding evil enemies...


Kitsu Saga is a MMORPG that is set in a magical world based on ancient Chinese lore. With chromatic anime-style graphics and a vast array of features and characteristics, Kitsu Saga provides a lot of variety in game play.

After an uneasy truce was made between the Order of the Iron Claw faction and the Flamewind Society faction, the two inhabitants of the world banned together to overcome the evil forces of the Golden Dharma King. The evil wrath of the Dharma King threatens their world again, and it is your task to fight back his evil forces using your skills, and with the help of your Kitsu fox spirit companion. The Kitsu prove very useful throughout the game, assisting you in battle, as well as loyally completing farming and crafting tasks for you in your own Kitsu cottage. Though the Kitsu are small, their fierceness should not be underestimated.

Participate in intense fast-paced PvP duels, or take to the battlefield in epic PvE sieges and quests. Every month the best players will be displayed on a leader board. Join one of two factions each with four character classes, with the ability to play with up to three characters per account.

Roam the world as a lone ranger, together with your friends in a party, or as a part of a powerful guild. Kitsu Saga has a unique guild system with the ability to advertise in-game for new members and to unlock rare quests and dungeons. Fortify your weapons to increase their potency and take on world bosses. Purchase premium items to assist you in battle from the Item Mall or Auction House. Sell any of your surplus unwanted items to the quirky NPC vendors in Kitsu Saga.

Through a unique chi system, your character must ensure there is rest or replenishment between battles, so they have enough energy to continue to battle. Chi ensures balance in Kitsu Saga.

Join the cute like fox spirits and fight the evil forces of the Golden Dharma King. The future of this world lies in your hands.

by Kyle Hayth

Kitsu Saga Screenshots

Kitsu Saga Screenshot-0Kitsu Saga Screenshot-1Kitsu Saga Screenshot-2Kitsu Saga Screenshot-3Kitsu Saga Screenshot-4Kitsu Saga Screenshot-5Kitsu Saga Screenshot-6Kitsu Saga Screenshot-7Kitsu Saga Screenshot-8Kitsu Saga Screenshot-9Kitsu Saga Screenshot-10Kitsu Saga Screenshot-11Kitsu Saga Screenshot-12Kitsu Saga Screenshot-13Kitsu Saga Screenshot-14Kitsu Saga Screenshot-15Kitsu Saga Screenshot-16Kitsu Saga Screenshot-17

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