KingsRoad: Offline Quests with Keira the Apprentice

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A new adventurer has arrived in KingsRoad, ready to lend a helping hand to newbie and veteran players alike. With the latest update, Rumble Entertainment introduced Keira the Apprentice who will now be a permanent resident in the browser game and make for a great additional income of resources, whether it be gold coins or item rewards, while you are logged out of the free-to-play action title. Offline content for a browser game that usually requires you to be proactive and slay evil fantasy creatures? Why yes, indeed. Here's how the new feature works:
  • Unlock Keira by playing through the Executioner Camp (Normal).
  • Talk to her whenever you are ready to start an offline quest.
  • Pick a mission you want and send her on her way.
  • Keira will then complete the quest on her own - even when you are offline.
  • Pay her another visit when she's done to reap valuable prizes.

Meet Keira, a new addition to KingsRoad.

It is not only you who will benefit from her work, however, as Keira too gathers experience points with every mission she takes on. The higher her level, the better the rewards! These include boosts, potions, food and KingsRoad currency. The set of quests available to the Apprentice (and to you) will refresh every 24 hours. Should you manage to have her complete all adventures within that given time frame, Keira will gain another level. Make sure to send her on quests before you log out!

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