KingsRoad: Power Rating and Relics with Latest Update

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If there’s one thing that roleplaying fans enjoy most, it’s crunching numbers to get the absolute best out of their characters. The latest update to hit KingsRoad has introduced a new stat that gives browser gamers the chance to do just that. Your inventory will now not only keep you updated on Armor and Damage but also on your hero’s Power Rating. This new attribute is an indication of your current gear and the jewels you have equipped. Why add a new rating now? Because Rumble Entertainment has also brought event difficulties to KingsRoad, allowing you to find the challenge that's tailored for you.

That's quite the rating.

Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum all have their recommended Power Rating and from now on, it’s best to only take on missions that reflect your strength. Here's which reward tier you can expect from each difficulty setting:
DifficultyReward Tier
GoldElite Artifact
That's right, a new rarity tier for items is now available in the free-to-play online game. It'll be super tough to get your hands on relics as they can only be looted in platinum challenges, but every fantasy hero grows with the challenge, right? Keep in mind that within the last two difficulties, enemies will be buffed with various resistances to potentially deflect your abilities.

See the Power Rating? Make sure to pick the difficulty for you.

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