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KingsRoad Description

There’s plenty to do in this browser game: take on challenging quests, play through mysterious dungeons or turn your character into one of the most awe-inspiring heroes the online world has ever seen. Do you have what it takes to face the Lord of Shadows?


Dark spirits are threatening to destroy Alderstone and as a noble champion, you have to do everything in your power to prevent that from happening. It’s entirely up to you whether or not the good people of the KingsRoad fantasy world live to see another day. No pressure, though! The browser and mobile game features co-op gameplay and multiplayer matchmaking, so you never have to go alone if you don’t want to. If other players are only a burden to you and you prefer being a lone warrior, then feel free to roam the countless forests, dungeons and enemy strongholds on your own. What’s the upside of going solo, you ask? All the shiny loot goes to you, of course. That not only includes valuable items, but also gold coins which can be used to upgrade your character or purchase potions.

This free-to-play roleplaying game throws you into the menacing world of KingsRoad a bit unprepared. While you start out as an unexperienced rookie, it won’t take too long for you to get your hands on magical equipment and new skills. Talking about skills: Each time you level up, you get a couple of talent points which can be spent on enhancing certain abilities. While warriors enjoy being at the forefront of every battle, archers prefer to stay behind and stealthily defeat their enemies from a safe distance. Wizards are based on a similar playstyle, except for the fact that they use arcane magic to overcome even the most challenging monsters.

As you play through the free-to-play online game, you will have to face more than just a fair share of ruthless creatures. Whether that’s spider broodmothers or skeletal soldiers, triggering your abilities at the right time makes a world of difference. Take area-of-effect skills, for instance: These are the most efficient when used on a handful of monsters, so make sure to wait before unleashing your powers on just one tortured soul. Should you ever get a bit low on health or mana, feel free to use a potion or just take a second to munch on apples, cabbage or plain old bread. These meals might not sound very exciting, but are a good way to replenish your life forces while you are in combat.

KingsRoad Screenshots

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KingsRoad Videos

  • KingsRoad: Browser Game Goes Mobile

    12/22/2014 06:11 am - Just in time for Christmas, Rumble Entertainment has released KingsRoad on the iPad. Play the free action roleplaying game from the comfort of your iOS tablet and claim your very own free mobile starter pack today before jumping into new adventures...more

KingsRoad News

  • KingsRoad: Now Available Worldwide on iPad

    12/22/2014 05:54 am - Whoever says that game developers fall into some kind of hibernation before Christmas clearly doesn't know what Rumble Entertainment is capable of. The studio behind KingsRoad has just recently released a big update introducing offline quests as a...more

  • KingsRoad: Offline Quests with Keira the Apprentice

    12/09/2014 02:53 am - A new adventurer has arrived in KingsRoad, ready to lend a helping hand to newbie and veteran players alike. With the latest update, Rumble Entertainment introduced Keira the Apprentice who will now be a permanent resident in the browser game and...more

  • KingsRoad: Power Rating and Relics with Latest Update

    10/29/2014 05:20 am - If there’s one thing that roleplaying fans enjoy most, it’s crunching numbers to get the absolute best out of their characters. The latest update to hit KingsRoad has introduced a new stat that gives browser gamers the chance to do just that. Your...more

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