Kings of the Realm
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Kings of the Realm
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Kings of the Realm Description

Recruit fearless commanders to lead your troops into battle and trade with other players to turn your kingdom into the most legendary settlement the online world has ever seen. Play this free strategy game in your browser or on your mobile device...


Some players consider strategy games to be the backbone of the industry, so it’s no surprise that plenty of new MMORTS titles were still made in 2014. That was the year that Kings of the Realm first became available. This was when it started offering commanders from all around the world a chance to dive into battle and train an army of ruthless troops. Whether it is mysterious marksmen or boisterous brutes who triumph with bulging muscles, every unit available to hire in this fantasy online game has its own special advantages to bring to the battlefield. As a strategy enthusiast, it is up to you to use every warrior in the most efficient way and achieve victory against other players as well as orc chieftains.

Kings of the Realm is free-to-play and is available in the browser of your choice. If you are interested in continuing your legacy while on the go, feel free to download the gaming app onto your iOS or Android phone or tablet. This cross-platform feature allows you to keep playing the strategy game wherever, whenever. Always having access to your troops and being able to immediately react to other players’ actions certainly helps when trying to make a name for yourself in these fantasy realms.

We recommend setting up a steady resource production early on in Kings of the Realm. Collecting enough timber, stone, ore, and food only to make ends meet will not suffice, as you need warehouses full of materials to keep up with opposing forces. Other kings and queens are out to get you, simply waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike and burn your settlement to the ground...

How you approach other players in Kings of the Realm will determine your standing within the real-time strategy game. If you decide to play aggressively and conquer new camps every day, competing alliances will be more inclined to quickly take you down. Channeling your inner diplomat may lead to fewer battles, but it will surely increase your reputation within the browser and mobile strategy game.

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