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Kings Era
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Kings Era Description

Enter a fictional medieval world in which strategic thinking and tactical warfare are needed in order to survive. Build an empire and defend it against the wild tribes called Ginghiz, who will destroy anything that crosses their way.


Welcome to a medieval world, in which the great alliances and cities of old times were destroyed by a vicious and wild tribe called the Ginghiz hundreds of years ago. You will enter this world as a warrior, who is put in charge of a city. It will be up to you to manage the resources of this medieval town, make it flourish, and defend it against inimical attacks from outside. Do not worry that you will be overwhelmed if you are new to real-time strategy games - newcomers will not only get a seven-day protection against attacks, but they will also receive a wise magician to guide their every move and explain the general gameplay to them.

The free-to-play strategy game Kings Era is a browser game that you can play whenever and wherever you want, as long as you have a working internet connection. The medieval online game does not require a download whatsoever. Kings Era features many rather typical aspects of real-time strategy games, but it also adds quite a few unique novelties to this genre.

Kings Era possesses five different servers, all of which have a different duration. If you decide on starting a game, you should select a server that has not started too long ago, in order to keep up with all the other players. After the duration of the server is over, all progress is deleted and a winner is announced. The shorter the duration, the more difficult it is to succeed, which is why the Champion’s mode can only be played by those that have previously won a game and have played in more than 20 server rounds.

There’s more to this free-to-play game than you might think in the beginning. As mentioned above, after a server comes to an end, winners are selected. These are not just honorary, however, as players are rewarded with cash and non-cash prizes in this game. Players have the chance to win anything between the in-game currency and $500 for completing various mission goals.

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