King’s Empire
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King’s Empire
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King’s Empire Description

Conquer the medieval world of this real time strategy game. You will slip into the role of the one leader who can lead his kingdom back to glory. Make sure to upgrade the right buildings, research the correct technology, and build a strong military army…


Would you consider yourself a purist when it comes to gaming? You don’t really understand why certain games have the desire to strive away from genre conventions? When you play a real-time strategy game, you really just want to enjoy the basic features that have made this genre such a success in the first place? Well, come closer, step right up! In King’s Empire, you will get exactly what you desire from an RTS game - and the best part is that you will not only get it entirely for free, but that you can also bring the game with you wherever you go!

King’s Empire is a mobile game which can be downloaded on all iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. All you need to do is click on the green button below to get to your respective app store and download the strategy game on your mobile device. Pretty easy, if you ask us, and pretty rewarding since you will get a strategic app that will entertain you for weeks and months.

King’s Empire is set in a time of renewal. More than a century ago, a vicious war has destroyed a once powerful and glorious kingdom. Its population has been waiting for a new leader to rise to the top and guide the empire back to its former glory. Now that you have downloaded the app, you will be that one king or queen to make their dream come true. Establish a kingdom and allow it to flourish to guarantee that it will be the most powerful empire of them all.

In the free-to-play RTS, you will meet other players from around the world who you will either compete or team up with. Don’t underestimate the significance of alliances, as there will always be that one resource that you need in order to advance to the next stage.

Make sure to constantly upgrade your buildings and abilities and research new technologies to always remain on top. Build a strong military force to defend your kingdom. When the time is right, attack and take control of other territories to expand your empire’s influence.

King’s Empire Screenshots

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