Kings and Legends
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Kings and Legends
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Kings and Legends Description

Kings and Legends will pick your brain with its complex strategies and in-depth battle tactics. Put a deck of cards together to win matches!


Remember when playing card games was considered a really geeky hobby, reserved only for the strategy elite of gamers? Yeah, those times are over. With Blizzard (Hearthstone) and Ubisoft (Assassin's Creed Memories) dabbling in the highly complex genre, more and more people are eager to channel their inner cardslinger and put together new decks to try their luck against their friends. Another card game that has taken the community by storm is Kings and Legends, a free-to-play online game that combines action battles with fantasy storytelling.

The vast amount of cards available to you in Kings of Legends might seem hard to keep track of upon first playing the competitive fantasy game. Don’t worry, as that confusion will soon settle as you play through matches and meet other players. Picking a class determines your overall play style. While Warriors are strong leaders and tend to control a lot of minions at the same time, Rangers excel at keeping control of the battlefield and knocking out enemy targets with ease. Wizards on the other hand are known for having magical tricks up their sleeve, ready to blast enemy players into pieces with fiery meteor showers or icy blizzards. Then there are Priests that will gladly bring wounded allies back to full health and revive fallen soldiers during battle.

Mix and match between dozens of different cards and pick the ones that you enjoy the most. Like in most other card games, it is always helpful to use multiple cards that synergize and create devastating combos that will take your opponents by surprise. Having two or more cards of a certain race (be it orcs, undead or elves) can often turn the tide of battle and help you reap in new rewards in Kings and Legends. Whether you head inside the arena to challenge other players, group up with friends in co-op gameplay or try single-player card game missions: May you draw well!

Kings and Legends is not only available on computers, but also as a mobile game.

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