Kingdoms of Camelot
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Kingdoms of Camelot
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Kingdoms of Camelot Description

Take on the role of a noble conqueror and secure a place for your name in the annals of history. Fight alongside the likes of Merlin, Lancelot and even King Arthur himself in this free-to-play browser game.


While Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table are on the quest for the Holy Grail, the land is becoming restless and dangerous. The king and his knights seem to be obsessed with their quest and care for nothing else other than to claim the grail for themselves. They are now blind to the needs of their people. Barbarians have noticed this and are taking advantage while they are away by plundering the lands of Camelot. The time has come for a hero to arise and protect the people while their king is away.

In the free-to-play browser game Kingdoms of Camelot, it is up to you to keep the legend that is Camelot alive. The future of this magical kingdom lies in your hands. As a nobleman, you will have to build up your kingdom and take care of not only your land, but the people as well. Gathering resources and recruiting troops for your growing army are your number one priority when you start your adventure in Kingdoms of Camelot. Only once you have done so will you be able to begin your true adventure and save the lands from tyranny.

You will have to make sure that you have iron-hard defenses and strong offensive units if you wish to be successful in this strategy game. Impressive forces have collected to stand against you and it is up to you to use your power and empire to protect the people of Camelot against these forces. If enemy troops stand before your castle and a siege is unavoidable, it would be wise to be ready for a battle at a moment’s notice.

The world in Kingdoms of Camelot is full of myths and legends. Discover the lands around you to embark on even more adventures. Take it to the barbarians and other players of this strategy game to secure your place as a legend!

by Kyle Hayth

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