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Kingdom Rush
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Kingdom Rush Description

Control your troops and defend yourself against oncoming attacks. The right strategy and great tactical timing will allow you to master each stage in this tower defense game.


Welcome to a medieval fantasy world that is torn by a fantastical war! In Kingdom Rush, you are in charge of your very own army and defend yourself against various types of enemies. Each quest will bring you to a different part of this vast fantasy world. All paths are intensely fought over, and it is up to you to make sure that not a single enemy can get by the crossing that you are guarding. In this tower defense game, you travel from the icy cold heights of the mountain paths to the grassy-green open spaces of the meadows.

Each region has its very own features which you have to keep in mind when playing Kingdom Rush. Instead of actively fighting against your enemies like in role playing games or waiting your turn in turn-based strategy games, you plan the battle and your defense in advance. In the vein of a true tower defense game, you choose what means of defense you want to deploy before the battle begins. Place towers and your troops in the right spot to make sure that no enemy can get by. Don’t worry if your strategy doesn’t work out one hundred percent, as you can send in more troops to support you during each battle.

Kingdom Rush offers quite a few features to guarantee that you make it through the hardest of all challenges. There are more than eight specialized tower upgrades including Barbarians, Arcane Wizards, and Forest Rangers. Over eighteen tower abilities will give you the extra edge on the battlefield. Use magical powers to blast away several enemies at once. Speaking of which, there are more than thirty different opponents ranging from Goblins to Demons and Mountain Trolls!

The tower defense game is presented in cartoony graphics. Each time the troops attack each other, pow, kabow, and other fun words appear. It is available for all Android devices and for iPhones and iPads. After the game is purchased, you can immediately jump into the action.

Kingdom Rush Screenshots

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