Kingdom Rush Origins
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Kingdom Rush Origins
What to expect:
  • Experience many different maps and buildings
  • Try to defend as long as possible while the enemies get stronger and stronger
  • Command mighty heroes and use their unique abilities
  • Awesome spells for last-minute saves !
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  • iOS
  • PvE
  • Strategy
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The Kingdom awaits you !

Delve into a war-ridden fantasy world where opposing armies lurk around every corner. You are in charge of your very own troops and will have to do anything in your power to defend your territory in this mobile game!


“As there are wounds that never heal,
there are stories that can never be forgotten!
And so it began - the war that defined our destiny!”

The backdrop for Kingdom Rush Origins gives a great impression of what will be in store for you in this tower defense game. A war is raging on in the kingdom. Every path is desperately fought over by contesting armies. You are the leader of your very own troops. Your goal is to defend your crossing with all of your power. In gameplay that couldn’t be truer to the term tower defense, you will do anything in your power to defend yourself against inimical attacks by smartly positioning your armies and coming up with a flawless strategy. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Kingdom Rush Origins is set before the events of Kingdom Rush proper (as the name of the game accurately suggests). It takes place before Vez’nan ever threatened to take over the kingdom which started the ruthless war in the first place. This prequel takes place before those events, which doesn’t mean that it is any less action-packed. Kingdom Rush Origins sees you take charge of an elven army which gives you the ability to take control of brand-new towers and troops. There are Elf Archers, Mystic Mages, Stone Druids, and the Elven Infantry which give you a new spectrum of tactical variety. Thirty new enemy types, epic boss battles, hordes of gnolls, giant spiders, and the Twilight army await you on the battlefield. To list a few more facts, you will be able to master and upgrade nine legendary heroes who each have their very own skills. Magical spells will obliterate several enemies at once.

As the predecessor, the tower defense game is presented in a cartoony look. Your troops constantly shout patriotic phrases such as “For the Kingdom!” as they jump into battle. Many attacks are embellished by pows, slashes, and krooms. Along with the cartoony graphics, you will feel like you just jumped into a graphic novel.

Kingdom Rush Origins is available for all Android and iOS devices.

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