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Kingdom Rift
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Kingdom Rift Description

Prepare yourself for a fantasy adventure to save the world from the precipice of doom. Play as one of three classes and embark on a dangerous quest to save the world and its inhabitant from the grips of evil and the forces of darkness.


Kingdom Rift is another addition to the growing list of fantasy MMORPGs, like Knight's Fable and Divine Souls, that invites you to save humanity from almost certain doom! This high-fantasy genre of gaming is currently taking off, with new adventures, new game play and never-before-seen classes. This release sends you on a journey through free-to-play PvP combat and fantasy adventures where you must save humanity from the grips of an evil force that seeks to destroy it. Play as one of three classes and embark on a quest across the world, meeting new friends, joining guilds and entering dangerous dungeons to destroy evil bosses and their minions!

Play as either a Warrior, Hunter, or Warlock, choosing the character that best suits your style of gaming, whether that be long-range or short-range combat, sword fighting or archery. Develop your character and learn new skills as you progress through the game, allowing you to fight the more challenging bosses and enter dungeons that would otherwise be deemed to difficult. Make alliances with powerful goddesses and quest with the assurance that they will join you by your side when you go forth into PvP or PvE battle. Use them to make your attacks stronger and gain certain advantages over other players. Each beautiful goddess has unique powers and strengths that will be useful when it comes to taking down those enemies that just wont budge!

This browser based game lets you decide what level of difficulty suits you when you enter different dungeons, from easy, medium, and hard. Enter the Dread Vale and defeat all the monsters to progress through its challenging levels. Fight off waves of undead warriors and if your health seems to be reaching a critical state, don't give in and admit defeat, call for support and help will soon be on its way.

Kingdom Rift Screenshots

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