King of Wushu: PlayStation 4 Release Details Announced

12/16/2014 03:27 am by Anna Radak in NewsDownload GamesAction

In case you haven’t heard: Snail Games is currently working on a 3D martial arts MOBA that is set in the same universe as Age of Wushu. King of Wushu, as the upcoming project is called, has now been officially presented at the Sony conference in Shanghai along with new media assets and a release date. Well, a release date for China at least! Here’s what we know so far:

The free-to-play game will hit the PlayStation 4 on January 11th. Players will then be able to choose between four beginner heroes and unlock new characters as they collect points and resources. Any news on King of Wushu coming to North America or Europe? Not yet. Stay patient, young shaolin!
Similar to the unique class system in Age of Wushu, the MOBA will also feature different schools. Every playable hero will align with one of these schools, bringing a distinct set of abilities to the battlefield. Two additional characters will be exclusively available for PlayStation 4 gamers. The competitive online game is based on the Crysis 3 engine which is showcased in two new videos.

Curious to see what we’re talking about? Then take a peek at the new gameplay trailer which not only shows King of Wushu's pretty graphics, but also the third-person viewpoint, snazzy abilities and some early player-versus-player action:
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