King of Wushu: New Free-to-Play MOBA Coming to PC and Xbox One

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King of Wushu

King of Wushu

After giving gamers worldwide the chance to claim roleplaying fame and fortune in Age of Wushu, Snail Games USA is almost ready to let players enjoy the Wuxia lifestyle in a slightly different genre. The game studio has now officially announced the release of King of Wushu to the Western market after making an appearance at this year's China Joy convention. Rumors have previously hinted at the possibility of a new MOBA inspired by the Age of Wushu franchise. In the upcoming competitive online game, you will be able to select one hero out of many to join the arena, work with and against other players and hope to achieve some serious combos.

Which Wuxia hero will you choose?

Set in a world where destruction and chaos have taken over, King of Wushu will pit you against other champions in vicious arena battles. You will never be on your own, however: Here, two teams of five players each will fight it out against each other, hoping to destroy the enemy base. King of Wushu features third-person action combat (which looks to be similar to Smite) and give players the opportunity to dodge, evade and jump their way out of attacks. Six unique characters have been announced so far. Watch their introduction in the new teaser trailer below:
While it's still unclear when King of Wushu will be made available to players, Snail Games USA has confirmed a PC and Xbox One release. We will keep you updated!

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