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King of Wushu
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King of Wushu Description

Set foot into the same universe that has brought you Age of Wushu! Only this time, you get to engage in competitive battle arena battles and show other heroes that you have what it takes to be the king, to be the queen and reign over the Wuxia world.


The world of Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas - otherwise known as MOBAs - is as mysterious as it is predictable. Gamers everywhere are still baffled about the fact how one mod could kickstart an entire community and fascinate millions of players on a global scale. What is predictable about the genre, however, is that developers keep jumping on the bandwagon to release an innovative take on blockbuster games such as League of Legends or Smite. With King of Wushu, Snail Games has joined the MOBA circle and is ready to offer competitive gamers a new challenge.

Set in the same Wuxia universe as Age of Wushu, this free-to-play MOBA is not only available for computers, but also Xbox One. King of Wushu is all about getting to know the magic of martial arts, using quick moves and powerful blasts of energy to take out other players and knowing when and where to strike. While fans of the genre might have an easier time getting to know the basic controls, each and every player joining the online battle arena will have to start from scratch after setting up an account. Pick a hero whose play style you enjoy the most and charge into battle!

Both a thorough tutorial and practice matches should give you enough opportunities to hone your skills and get familiar with what King of Wushu has to offer. Two teams made up of several players each are at war and trying to beat the other to the punch. Here, getting a leg up in the free-to-play world means having quick reflexes and communicating with other members of your team. Only with the right strategy will you be able to claim victory and not only diminish hostile minions, but also destroy the other group’s base. Different characters fulfill different roles, so keep that in mind when playing King of Wushu. Based on action combat, this MOBA allows you to dodge and evade incoming attacks.

King of Wushu Screenshots

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King of Wushu Videos

  • King of Wushu: More Heroes Revealed in New Gameplay Trailer

    03/27/2015 03:20 am - Fans of the Wushu franchise will have to endure the waiting game a little while longer until the free-to-play MOBA makes its way out of China and into other regions. King of Wushu is one of Snail Game's newest projects and will pit teams of players...more

  • King of Wushu: Martial Arts in New Gameplay Trailer

    12/16/2014 03:10 am - Sweep attacks, fire breathing and the ability to turn day into night: The heroes of King of Wushu all have their own special talents to bring to the battlefield. Catch a glimpse of their powers in this new PlayStation 4 gameplay trailer...more

  • King of Wushu: Meet the Heroes in New Cinematic Trailer

    12/16/2014 02:47 am - Curious to find out what the upcoming free-to-play MOBA has to offer? Watch this new cinematic trailer to find out who will be going up against who in action-packed battles once King of Wushu launches on the PC and PlayStation 4 next year...more

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