King of Thieves: Finally Released for Android Devices

03/05/2015 05:02 am by Marcel Wuttig in NewsActionTower Defense

King of Thieves

King of Thieves

We here at have repeatedly pointed out that iOS users often have some advantages over Android users. Certain games are only released for iPhones and iPads while others only come for Android devices at a much later point. Many game updates get launched on iTunes first and then on the Google Play Store a few days later. ZeptoLab confirmed this rule of thumb when they announced the release dates for their jump and run game King of Thieves.

The title already came out for iOS devices on February 12th. Now, almost an entire month later, the app is also available for all Android smartphones and tablets. The colorful and charming mobile game allows players to jump their way through various dungeons to steal a treasure at the very end. Aside from that, each player gets their very own dungeon to hide their stolen treasures. They have to set up some traps however, as other players could come and steal their hidden goods.

Find out what our impression of King of Thieves was after we took a quick look at it.

If you’re interested in more news on ZeptoLab’s jump and run, make sure to click here!

Source: Google Play

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