King of the Course Golf
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King of the Course Golf
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King of the Course Golf Description

Head to the course and put your golf club to work! Acing a hole requires precision, patience, and a steady hand, so prepare to tap and swipe across the touchscreen of your iOS or Android mobile device. For free, of course...


Be the Tiger Woods or Jack Nicklaus of the online golfing world and ace as many holes as possible in King of the Course Golf, a free mobile game brought to you by Electronic Arts (FIFA World, Monopoly). Not many have dared to follow the path of world famous players, so it’s time for you to step up your game and prove to other athletes that golfing is indeed a competitive sport worth of praise and recognition. Pack your best golf clubs and head to the course if you are interested in beating other players to the punch and climbing the leaderboards of the free-to-play mobile app. One step at a time!

Other gaming enthusiasts await your arrival in King of the Course and will challenge you to battle it out on golf courses that actually exist in real life. You won’t be thrown into the deep end of the sport after downloading the app, however, as there are several tutorial missions happy to introduce you to the game’s mechanics. What’s the best angle of approach? How hard should you swing? Knowing these details will help you stand out as a novice golf player and give you all the tools to quickly turn into a professional athlete. Taking on real gamers as opposed to bots is a whole different ball game. Be prepared to counteract nifty techniques and special tricks! Having played through all courses at least once will give you an advantage when entering multiplayer leagues or tournaments online in this free golf game.

King of the Course Golf is available on the go thanks to the mobile nature of the game. Join quick matches for fast-paced golf battles or spend some time learning new trick shots taught to you by golf professionals. Some match-ups will call for special boosts to come into play. These buffs allow you to defy the laws of physics and time for a short period of time to increase your rating. Just keep in mind that other players also have access to these little helpers.

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