King of Kings 3
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King of Kings 3
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King of Kings 3 Description

Sharpen your sword, polish your amour and be prepared for battle in the mystical fantasy world of Tangramia. Monster enemies lurking in the dark dungeons await you...


King of Kings 3 is a client-based free-to-play MMORPG set in a dangerous medieval fantasy world – Tangramia. You are called upon to form a powerful guild with other players, fight epic battles against ferocious monsters, fire-breathing dragons and enemy players. Claim victory over your realm and ascend the throne as King of Kings!

There are seven different thrilling realms to join in King of Kings 3 including Germania, Britannia, Anatolia, Polonia, Lutetia, Mediterrania and the New World. Each realm has a powerful patron god for protection. The patron god can not protect you from your biggest enemy though – the fellow inhabitants of your realm. You must battle against each other for resources and claim the kingdom as your own – wage a war and conquer your opponents.

At King of Kings 3 you must design and build a safe haven and home to escape to after battle, a powerful fortress to protect your guild from evil enemies, and even a capital city so you can grow from guild to almighty kingdom. As your guild grows in strength and size, so too do the advantages and benefits. Start out as a lone ranger, create your own kingdom, conquer enemy armies and strive for the ultimate crown of King of Kings.

With a mix of PvP and RvR elements as well as intricate and realistic graphics, King of Kings 3 offers a lot of variety, challenge and excitement. Your talents and success are acknowledged in King of Kings 3 through a ranking list.

Relax, dance and even fish with other players in the towns. Explore the mysterious regions full of wild creatures or brave the dark dungeons inhabited by ferocious monsters. Even journey to the legendary Dragon World – only the strongest and bravest warriors have found it, and even less have made it out alive.

by Kyle Hayth

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