King and Conqueror
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King and Conqueror
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King and Conqueror Description

Embark on a journey into a medieval world threatened by darkness. There is only one way out of the darkness – war. Use your strength and bravery to take on the evil forces blanketing the world...


King and Conqueror is a fantasy 2D war-themed browser game set in a world threatened by the evil Dark Force. Based on Greek mythology, it tells the story of the spiteful Dark Force emerging through the gate of darkness and unleashing its fury on the world. Despite their differences, the three races that live on this world need to band together and drive back the forces of evil. Choose which of the three races you will represent and fight until the death.

The three races in King and Conqueror include the Empire of Men, the Dominion of Chaos and the Orc Tribes. The Empire of Men represent the humans and a race that embodies intelligence, wisdom and power. The Dominion of Chaos are a greedy and more reckless race, with the desperate ambition of locating Zeus' treasure. The Orc Tribes are extremely primitive and strong and are powerfully fuelled by a need for war.

In King and Conqueror you start out with your own castle, and it is your mission to expand it into a seething massive empire. Recruit and train soldiers into a powerful army and launch fierce attacks on your neighbouring castles. Use the three basic resources of wood, iron and gold to craft your own equipment and trade with other players on the market or at the Auction House.

Network with other players of King and Conqueror using the unique chat channel. King and Conqueror is the second in a series of browser games from Chinese publishers Hithere. Whilst the game may have a somewhat confusing translation, it definitely captivates in other ways. The browser game has an innovative guild system and over 60 differing unit types, as well as six different quest types.

Get ready to join forces with the Orcs, the Humans or Chaos, as you face your opponents in epic battles.

by Kyle Hayth

King and Conqueror Screenshots

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