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Kill Shot
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Kill Shot Description

Breathe slowly, steady your heart rate, and wait for the perfect moment to take a shot. This free-to-play shooting game will have you on the edge of your seat as you take down your enemies one by one like a pro!


Take aim and fire in this free-to-play shooting game which tests your skills as a gunman as you scope out your surroundings and shoot your target. You are a covert special ops soldier who works for the military and it's your job to make sure that these dangerous criminals are taken down once and for all. Have you got the steady hands, the patience, and the guts to travel into enemy territories and take out your target?

Kill Shot is a free-to-play mobile game that invites you to become a special ops sniper. Eliminate hidden targets and remain unseen in an attempt to kill the onslaught of enemies that will surround you and their base. There are over 30 different maps, that consist of stunning locations, each providing unique challenges in terms of defense and attack. Find secret hiding places, where the obstacles can be used to your advantage. Staring down the scope of your gun, you must identify all the targets which will need to be killed. As macabre as that sounds, you must remember that these are hardened criminals that will shoot you dead without a second thought, so don’t become their victim!

There is a huge range of weapons that you must learn to use in this action-packed shooting game. Like in Modern Sniper and Sniper 3D Assassin, the main weapon is the sniper rifle. However, there are many different kinds of rifles, each with their own attributes and statistics that you must learn to wield in order to take down your foes effectively. Other weapons include saws, grenades, shotguns, assault rifles and many more. Choose the appropriate weapon for the task as you engage in over 400 first-person shooter missions.

The missions are varied, challenging, and interesting. Take on multiple enemies at once using machine guns, or train your eye, steady your trigger figure, and shoot that one important target from a distance using the classic sniper rifle.

Kill Shot Screenshots

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