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Kiez King
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Kiez King Description

The streets are your home and you gotta make a living off of them somehow, right? Rule your neighborhood by asserting yourself as king of your district...


Become a gangster and rule your neighborhood in Kiez King, the free-to-play browser strategy game. Create your character and live the life of crime as you extort people for money, set up a brothel and deal to get through the day.

Head on down to the weapons shop in Kiez King to make sure you pack some firepower. The streets are a dangerous place and you don’t want to be caught without some sort of security. Who knows, maybe you got some business to take care of too.

You could always use a lil’ more cash in your hand, you know, to enjoy the finer things in life. By building and upgrading the buildings and areas in Kiez King, you can begin to earn more money. The higher level you are and the higher level your buildings are, the more cash flow you will have.

Of course, no one said you always had to do everything by the book. You can also smuggle various items and promote certain… extra-curricular activities… to help bring in a little extra dough. This way you can build better buildings and become an upstanding citizen…

You are not alone in Kiez King. Sometimes you may have to head over to a rival neighborhood and show them who the boss is, or even take over their district as your own. Do whatever you need to do in order to become the solidified big man on campus.

Make sure that you are the most powerful district around. No question, it will be tough to muscle your way to the top, but if you can knock out other contenders and prove you got what it takes, then you will be the undisputed Kiez King.

by Kyle Hayth

Kiez King Screenshots

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