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Khan Wars
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Khan Wars Description

A fascinating medieval strategy game that has already gathered a large number of users - not least because of its appealing graphics. Prove your strength and strategic skill in the medieval world...


Khan Wars takes you into a medieval world in which there is a struggle for fame and glory going on. You assume the role of a lord and lead one of nine different nations. Khan Wars offers you over 23 battle and siege units, 15 different buildings and 11 skills.

Make use of smart strategies and tactics to win the struggle for fame and prestige. Expand your own empire and defend it against enemy attacks. You need to provide for your people, of course. Therefore, it’s important to always keep an eye on your food production and the mines in Khan Wars. To earn money, you can trade resources and gold with other players in real time. Also remember to conduct research and technological development. After all, you want to stay up-to-date when it comes to weapons and armor.

You can improve your chances in battles by forming alliances with fellow players. Together you are stronger than as lone warriors. Khan Wars offers a variety of ways to gain control of the country. Find the right tactics and win the struggle for power and wealth.

by Kyle Hayth

Khan Wars Screenshots

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