Kartuga Preview: Hoist Your Sails – The Closed Beta Has Started

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Like we mentioned last week, we got the chance to go to Hamburg and check out the upcoming free-to-play MMO, Kartuga, from publisher InnoGames. Though the event itself was a great time and a lot of fun, we were really happy about the fact that we got to test out the title even before the Closed Beta began. Well, since the Closed Beta testing phase is now underway, we figured it would be an opportune time to give you a preview of what the title is all about.

The Life of a Pirate

Kartuga is a pirate-themed, action MMO that will challenge you to master various classes and ships while facing off against other players from around the world. While there is most definitely PvE and chances to explore the virtual world, there is also a heavy focus on PvP.
The PvE gameplay is essentially like most other MMOs – there are quests that you can receive from various NPCs which will have you defeating monsters ,finding lost items and discovering new lands. Players can level by completing the quests and advance their skills.

PvP is definitely more “action packed” compared to the PvE gameplay in Kartuga. Currently, there are two PvP game modes – both of which will really push players’ skills to the limit and challenge them to work together to achieve different objectives, depending on the game mode.

Domination or Destruction?

Like we said, there are basically two different ways to play Kartuga. Players can set sail on their own adventures against the perilous world of the online game or team up with friends and other players to show off their PvP prowess.

Domination game mode is a PvP game mode that is essentially like team deathmatch. Two teams, each made up of four players, will head out on various maps to get down and dirty with opposing players. Teams earn points by defeating other players and there are two ticket counters, one for each team, that keep track of the current score. The first team to reach 2500 points wins the round.

Destruction was our person favorite because not only did we get to take on other players in action-packed battles, we also had to plant a bomb that went “boom”. Upon starting a round of destruction, a bomb will appear in the middle of the map. Players have to pick up the bomb and carry it to any one of the enemy “zones” (labeled with a large circle) and then plant the bomb. Once planted, they will have to protect it to prevent their enemies from disarming and resetting the bomb in the middle of the map.

The Vast and Colorful World

The world of Kartuga is quite colorful and vibrant. From vast seas to mighty ports, most of your standard pirate scenery is there. Like many other MMOs, there are different areas which characters come from and in the case of Kartuga, three different and unique areas.

Ships… Ships Galore!

Of course, no one wants to have the same ships as the person next to them. Everyone wants to stand out on the battlefield. In Kartuga, there should be no shortage of ships – with the current number at around twenty and a planned total of forty different ships.

In addition to featuring a wide variety of ships, there are three different “classes” available in Kartuga: the Engineer, the Protector and the Destroyer. Each class features different strengths and weaknesses that players will have to master if they want to be useful in combat.
The Protector class is heavily armored and can take a lot of hits – but at the expense of being able to deal out massive damage. The Engineer is more of a support class that features different ways to help out those around the player. Finally, the Destroyer does exactly what the name suggests – deals out tons of damage but the ships in the class are definitely more fragile, although fast.

Sailing into the Future

Right now, it looks like Kartuga is going to be a fun, action-filled title that will have more than its fair share of PvP for those of you out there that fancy that sort of thing. The ability to choose from a number of classes, numerous ships and explore different, unique areas has us quite interested.

At the moment, Kartuga is in the Closed Beta testing phase and hopefully in the near future either more people will be invited to join or it will even go in to the Open Beta, letting everyone join in the adventure.
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