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Kartuga Description

In this free-to-play, action-packed browser game, you will discover a mysterious world full of challenges and danger as you sail the seas as the captain of your own ship!


Batten down the hatches and prepare for action in the 3D, browser-based online game, Kartuga, and take to the seas as you take part in epic sea battles against the most adventurous pirates around.

There are various ship classes available in Kartuga which you can choose from. You can decide which boat you will take out on the waves and use as your machine of war against those pesky pirates. There are three different areas to be explored in the world of Kartuga. Of course, all of these areas are full of danger and while you are looking for treasure you should make sure to keep your eye on the horizon for any sign of the Jolly Roger.

In the 3D game Kartuga you will be able to unlock new skills, ships and items by gaining experience. This is how you will be able to become stronger and really flex your muscle as a captain of the seas. With a number of various items available in Kartuga you can upgrade your character or add new items to your ship, such as new and powerful cannons. However, not just your equipment will decide if you survive a sea battle. You will also need to make sure that your tactics are good. With a little bit of luck and strategy you can send your opponent to the sea floor.

In the PvP mode in Kartuga you can show what you’re really made of. You will be able to go face-to-face with other players from around the world. You can either fight alone or alongside other players in team combat. Of course, when playing with allies at your side it is easier, but not nearly as much glory to be had!

by Kyle Hayth

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