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Karma Online
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Karma Online Description

The hordes hem in around you from all sides... you must fight to survive alongside other players from around the world and try not to become one of the undead.


Karma Online is a free-to-play, first-person shooter in which you will fight for your life against hordes of zombies. With a World War 2 theme, you can play as a soldier for one of the various powers of the war and take on numberless opponents as you struggle to survive.

In Karma Online, there are many different game modes in which you can participate. Besides having the fight for survival in the non-PvP zombie killing mode, you can experience many different maps with Pistol Shootout, Sniper run, Unarmed Combat, Escape and more. Each game mode has different rules and will challenge players to fight differently.

There are many different maps available in Karma Online as well. Take on your opponents in a Cargo Depot, on a Battleship or even on the beaches. With each map being unique, you will have to work out new strategies and master different routes in order to come out victorious.

However, before starting your fight, you will have to choose a character and a weapon. There are 15 characters for you to choose from, some representing the Axis and some the Allies. Once you have chosen your favorite, you will have the chance to choose from any number of weapons. Some are nicer than others like the Gold MP40.

Your only goal is to survive whether you are fighting zombies or other players in Karma Online. The WWII inspired first-person shooter will challenge you to master strategies, characters and skills in order to be the winner. If you make it out alive, you could go down as one of the greatest heroes of all time...

by Kyle Hayth

Karma Online Screenshots

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