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Kapilands Description

Turn your small company into a powerful global corporation using economic skills and intellect. Finally you get the chance to become the leader of a huge company...


Kapiland is one of the most popular games in the business sector. You are head of a small, unknown company and it is your task to turn it into a multinational corporation by using your economic skill.

You have a serious responsibility because the success of the company depends on you. Thousands of jobs are in your hands. In Kapiland, you are not the only one who plays for power and success. There are thousands of other players with the exact same goal.

You can build your company based on more than 40 different buildings and you can choose an industry. From livestock to electronic goods, agriculture or fashion - everything is possible. However, you are responsible not only for building the company and its production, but also for the distribution of your products. Negotiate with real players for prices or sell your products to virtual clients.

In Kapilands, only with a lot of negotiation skill and cleverness you will be able to emerge victorious from the struggle for wealth and prestige.

The user interface of the game Kapilands is easy to understand and gives you a quick and easy introduction to Kapiland. The tutorial at the beginning of the game gives you helpful tips to prepare yourself well for the Upjers browser game Kapilands.

by Kyle Hayth

Kapilands Screenshots

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