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Kapi-Regnum Description

An extensive economic simulation with an unusual scenery: You are a trader in the Middle Ages and you turn your village into a powerful trading center...


In the economy simulation Kapi Regnum, you find yourself at the zenith of the Middle Ages. Here you start as manager of a small village to which you must bring power and prestige. To do so, you first have to build a small, healthy economy.

The choice is difficult: There are over 40 buildings (stables or breweries, for example) available in Kapi Regnum. Wisely combined, they can produce more than different 100 products. But the key is not necessarily quantity, as all goods in Kapi Regnum can be produced in various qualities and therefore sell at very different prices. There are virtual customers and real players who might want to buy your goods. Try to bargain to get the best possible value out of your resources!

Kapi Regnum is a rather extensive economic simulation that offers many strategic opportunities. Therefore, every new player should first learn more about the medieval trading world upon entering Kapi Regnum.

If you do not want to venture along the road alone you can seek help from experienced or less experienced companions. Kapi Regnum can be enjoyed playing solo, but to make full use of the game's many features, you should play together with others. With the implementation of the guild system Kapi Regnum has received a number of additional strategic options. Not only has trade between the cities increased the wealth of the guild members, but now alliances have been called up for a higher purpose, namely building world wonders. Every few months an order for the construction of such a miracle is given in Kapi Regnum. The guild that completes it first earns wealth and glory.

All in all, you will find Kapi Regnum to be a sophisticated economic trade browser game that will appeal to both keen strategists and urban planners. Kapi-Regnum is free, so feel free to sign up and get started!

Kapi-Regnum Screenshots

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