Kapi Hospital: Finally – The Doctors of Kapi Hospital Can Speak English As Well!

07/05/2011 11:18 am in News

Get ready to run your very own wacky hospital and experience some of the freakiest diseases you have ever heard of because Kapi Hospital is now available in English. The popular sim from online game publishers Upjers has finally made its way to the English speaking world!
Kapi Hospital

Kapi Hospital

Up the sidewalk, through the rotating door and to the front desk of your very own hospital – That is what you can expect now that the prospective English-speaking hospital directors can join in the quirky world of Kapi Hospital. Starting today, the English version is live according to publishers Upjers (Molehill Empire, My Free Farm)!

After the homepage was launched a while back, it seemed that an English version launch of Kapi Hospital was imminent. Well, it has finally arrived.

What exactly is Kapi Hospital? It is a free-to-play simulation browser game that lets you live the life of a hospital director and experience all of the weird diseases of your patients. Such things as barfitis and bullfrog burps (yes, there are bullfrogs involved) are rampant in your city and your patients need curing. Expand your hospital and your personal office as you gain experience and encounter ever more outlandish and fun sicknesses.

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