Kapi Hospital: The Wacky World of the Hospital Hit Soon Available in English

01/11/2011 05:22 am in News

The popular hospital simulation game, Kapi Hospital, is soon going to be available for English speakers! Treating odd diseases, researching silly cures and preventing alien abductions of patients is just a normal day in the world of Kapi Hospital.
Kapi Hospital

Kapi Hospital

With over 1 million registered users in Germany, Kapi Hospital is the quirky hospital simulation game that makes you the director of your very own clinic. Make sure you treat patients well and cure their diseases quickly to become the best hospital in town.

Publishers and developers of Kapi Hospital, Upjers (My Free Farm, Molehill Empire), are hoping to have another success by creating the English version of the game. Though there is no actual release date as of yet, it looks like the game will be ready for release sometime in early 2011.

Kapi Hospital puts you in control of your very own hospital with curious ailments and even stranger cures. Research new cures, buy hospital equipment and create the best hospital in town in this free-to-play browser simulation game.

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