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Kapi Hospital
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Kapi Hospital Description

The patients never stop coming in this fun and light-hearted hospital simulation game. You are the director and to heal your patients you will have to use curious measures in comical ways...


Kapi Hospital drops you into the world of management simulation as you are the head of your very own hospital. This economic simulation brings you patients with various sicknesses and diseases. Of course, being the director you need to research new techniques in order to cure them. Conducting research on new cures is expensive, though, so you will have to gather plenty of resources in order to unlock state of the art methods in this online game.

With dozens of sicknesses and remedies, Kapi Hospital offers players a fun environment with 2 towns in which to start your hospital. If you think that it quickly becomes mundane to diagnose illnesses, there is no reason to worry because there are always emergencies that need to be attended to and new cases to take a look at.

There will never be a dull day in your hospital, as there's always something to get done: dispatching ambulances, monitoring cleaning crews and making sure everything is orderly. Kapi Hospital even has numerous sickrooms in which to separate and treat your patients. You wouldn't want to start another plague, would you? Treating patients with infectious diseases is particularly tricky, that's for certain.

Outside of your hospital is a town waiting for you to explore. Kapi Hospital is not just about the hospital because you will need to visit such places as the bank, city hall and your office. At each place, you can do different things and access different parts of the game brought to you by Upjers. For example, in your office you can view trophies that you have earned or gifts you have received.

No one said running a hospital would be easy. Being the director means you have to make your hospital the best in town. Research new cures, fight strange diseases and prevent your patients being abducted by aliens in this whimsical economic simulation game, Kapi Hospital.

by Kyle Hayth

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