Jurassic World: The Game
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Jurassic World: The Game
What to expect:
  • Play in the Jurassic Park Universe!
  • Build your Very Own Jurassic theme Park for Free
  • Choose from Load of Different Buildings and Dinosaurs
  • Play On-The-Go on your iOS or Android Devices
  • Play Against your Friends and Battle your Dinosaurs
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Play Jurassic World: The Game and Build your Own Theme Park

Welcome to the Jurassic Park, a theme park full of prehistoric dinosaurs! In Jurassic World: The Game, you get to build your very own park.


It is hard to believe that it has been more than 20 years since the original Jurassic Park film directed and produced by Steven Spielberg came out. For all of those young gamers out there, lets us tell you that it was a pretty big deal and revolutionized Hollywood blockbusters. It can be considered the modern version of King Kong in our opinion. It brought dinosaurs back to life. More than ten years have passed between the release of the third and the fourth movie, and it comes as no surprise that a plethora of merchandise has followed in its wake. Aside from action figures, books, and other toys, video games are one major medium to create buzz for the new film. The free-to-play mobile game Jurassic World: The Game allows you to build your very own theme park, one that hopefully doesn’t repeat any of the mistakes of the movie…

In the building game, you will find yourself on Isla Nublar where your adventure starts. Build your very own version of the iconic theme park that exhibits dinosaurs. Make sure that you set up your park in a way that will delight your visitors. Naturally, it wouldn’t really be a prehistoric theme park without those scaly behemoths. Aside from focusing on a perfect layout for your buildings, you have to do some genetic research to breed, hatch, and evolve more than 50 unique dinosaurs. Those of you that have some extra money on their hands can also buy some of the official Hasbro Brawlasaurs toys which can be scanned directly into the game. Don't worry though, as the mobile game is generally free-to-play!

What is even more fun than simply building a theme park and breeding prehistoric dinosaurs? Letting your T-Rex and Triceratops fight against your friends’ dinos! Find out who has the upper hand as you battle it out against players from around the world in the arena.

Jurassic World: The Game is available on iTunes and the Google Play Store for all iPhones, iPads, and Android devices!

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