Jungle Wars: Quick Guide to Different Strategy Units

11/01/2014 03:00 am by Anna Radak in Tips & TricksBrowser GamesStrategy

Jungle Wars

Jungle Wars

In the strategy genre, it’s important to know everything there is to know about your units. They are the ones you send out to attack other players, after all! Jungle Wars offers players a variety of unique troops - each with their own strength and weakness on the battlefield. To help you move up in the world of this browser game and beat other tribe leaders to the punch, we have prepared a little overview of which units are available to you in Jungle Wars and why you should invest in them. Need flying units to get past enemy walls? Get some wasps. Want to build a huge army of simple melee fighters? Warriors get the job done.

Which unit does what? Find out below.


  • good unit for beginners
  • eager to charge enemy frontiers
  • weak alone, strong in numbers
  • doesn't require a lot of space

Slinging Amazon

  • faster but weaker than Warriors
  • big damage output from afar
  • ranged attacks
  • can attack ground and flying units


  • sneaky unit that will steal enemy resources
  • not as sturdy as other troops
  • good unit to strategize with
  • fast and cheap recruitment


  • tanky unit that can take quite the beating
  • effective in an army but expensive
  • requires a lot of housing due to its size
  • super efficient in taking down defenses


  • ready to blow up hostile camps
  • wields explosive ammunition vs. walls
  • more expensive than other units
  • bombing equipment will take up space


  • flying unit that will surpass ground targets
  • attacks at close range and deals heaps of damage
  • available only after Portal has reached Level 6+
  • resistant and specialized in taking down buildings


  • the ultimate damage unit
  • wreaks havoc by casting fireballs
  • powerful, ranged attacks
  • octuples (eight times!) the damage done by Slinging Amazons
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