Jungle Wars: Welcome to the Jungle in New Strategy Browser Game

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Jungle Wars

Jungle Wars

With the success of games like Clash of Clans or Boom Beach, multiplayer strategy games are as popular as ever. Ten Square Games (Let's Fish) has now also jumped on the bandwagon to bring you Jungle Wars, a browser game that will have you expand your tribe, collect resources and fight against players from all around the world. At the heart of your camp is a totem, a monumental structure that needs to be protected. To do so, you will have to train recruits and set up an army that’s ready to charge into battle at any given time. It’s essential to also save some mana for building sturdy walls that will keep intruders from messing with your legacy.
How you interact with other players or your friends in Jungle Wars is entirely up to you. Whether you join forces with other tribe leaders through an alliance or bask in the glory of being a lone warrior: Being diplomatic is always a good strategy to follow when playing against other gamers in an online setting. Sign up for the browser game today if multiplayer strategy battles and having to outsmart enemies sound like a good time to you. Let the green Play Now button below lead the way…

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