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Jungle Wars
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Jungle Wars Description

Eat or be eaten in this competitive browser game that pits players from all around the globe against each other in multiplayer strategy battles. Have your tribe attack other chieftains, help out friends and collect valuable resources to get ahead...


There was a time when the surge of new strategy games slowly ebbed away and other genres took over the industry. These days now seem to be over, as new MMORTS worlds keep popping up on a regular basis. Whether they’re browser games (Forge of Empires) or available on mobile devices (Clash of Clans), games in which you get to participate in multiplayer strategy battles are as popular as ever. Jungle Wars - brought to you by Ten Square Games - proves this theory. Here, you get to set up your very own tribe, recruit new members and make your claim in an ancient universe that’s colorful yet dangerous. Time to collect resources and turn your village into an impregnable fort!

Many dangers lurk in the wilderness that surrounds your tribe. That’s why it is important to set up many defensive structures such as walls, mortars or shaman towers early on when playing Jungle Wars. The more food and mana you collect by building production sites, the bigger the chance you can successfully repel any attack that is headed your way. Other players are out to get you in this browser game, so buckle up and prepare for a bumpy ride! The great thing about multiplayer strategy games is, however, that you too can charge into battle and rob other players of their treasures.

Not every player you meet in Jungle Wars is a potential foe. You can also group up with neighbors, call a truce and declare an alliance. With joined forces, you can set your sights on a common enemy and plunder opponents that have terrorized the free-to-play title long enough. Teaming up with others also gives you the opportunity to ask for free resources, talk about new battle tactics and possibly even make new friends. Together you will be able to climb to the top of the official ranking in this free online game and take control of the jungle...

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