Jumping Horses Champions
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Jumping Horses Champions
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Jumping Horses Champions Description

Have you always wanted to become a showjumping champion? Then maybe you've got what it takes to train your horse and take them from the stables to the stadium, where you will compete in a nail-biting showjumping competition. This is your chance...


Showjumping is a sport that only the most experienced riders can ever hope to compete in. The varying height of the jumps, the temperament of the horse, and of course the ability of the rider make this very much a game of skill, not to mention trust. But with the right training and trustworthy steed, you too could be at the forefront of the horse world! Well, in this mobile game Jumping Horses Champions at least.

Choose your companion, raise them and train them, and get to tracks where you will be put to the test, as you run and leap over competition jumps. Jumping Horses Champions lets you experience the ins and outs of owning a horse, training it, and entering competitions once you are good enough. You don’t even have to put on your riding boots, as you get all this from the comfort of your mobile device. Admittedly, no mobile horse game could ever match the experience of actually owning and training a real horse, nor what it is like to ride upon the beast and compete in talent competitions. But if you have an interest in training horses or in equine management, then this game can prove to be considerably informative.

This free-to-play mobile game allows you to ride on over 90 horses, each with their own unique abilities in training, racing, and showjumping. Choose between numerous different breeds, from Hanoverian to Thoroughbred, and develop their skills by training them up and preparing them for competition. A horse that is not ready to compete will be weak in comparison to others and is likely to make faults, so it is up to you to make sure that each animal is cared for and looked after.

The competition takes place in a showjumping stadium, where you will use the touchscreen of your mobile or tablet to navigate the horse around the track. Each jump can vary, and it is up to you to develop a technique to ensure that you and the horse make it over the jump safely in Jumping Horses Champions.

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