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Juggernaut Description

Slay terrifying beasts, accept risk-taking quests and missions, and explore a rich 3D fantasy world in this free-to-play mobile game. The mysterious world of Haradan is waiting for you...


Juggernaut is a mobile RPG, set in a detailed and mysterious world. As a young scorpion, it is your job to prove your strengths and true calling as a hero of the land. Complete quests in order to prove your skills and honesty, and delve further into the lurking secrets of Haradan. Though once a peaceful land, Haradan is now ruled by ferocious beasts granted with immense supernatural powers that threaten the future of the planet.

Players can choose between two factions to play for in the fantasy-themed game Juggernaut – The Steel Cohort or the Free League. Both of these factions seek to destroy the evil that reins terror over the world, but each has a different approach in facing this massive task. Though they both have the same goal, their principles are opposing, and thereby often result in intense player vs. player combat. These battles can often constitute of hundreds of players, battling against each other in order to achieve honor and glory.

In the free-to-play mobile game Juggernaut, players have the opportunity to explore dark and dangerous dungeons, slaying evil boss monsters on your path to victory. The best way to survive the sinister world is by equipping your character with powerful and sturdy equipment and weaponry, which can be obtained by successfully completing quests, through drops, through items crafting or simply by purchase through a Juggernaut vendor. There are also several other features in the game including trade, auction, players clans and open and private chat channels.

by Kyle Hayth

Juggernaut Screenshots

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