Jolly Jam: Introducing a New Match-3 Mobile Game

02/17/2015 05:47 am by William Hankin in NewsPuzzleMatch-3

The time has come for Rovio Entertainment, who are better known for their Angry Birds titles (Angry Birds, Angry Birds: Go, Angry Birds: Transformers), are jumping onto the match-3 bandwagon. This comes as no surprise when we consider the success of other titles, like the iconic Candy Crush Saga, which often graces the top spots of the ‘most downloaded’ and ‘most played’ leaderboards.
Not another match-3 game, we hear you say. While most of Jolly Jam's gameplay is strikingly similar to other titles, it is nice to see the developers at least trying something new with these match-3 games, as it’s high-time this cloning of familiar concepts stopped. Introducing a new(ish) way to match the jellies, this free-to-play mobile game has players drawing boxes around the matching candies in order to score points, rather than just tapping them. Ok, so that's not exactly a revolutionary new form of game play, but hey, at least it is something new! 
Jolly Jam launches on February 19th on both iOS and Android mobile devices.

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