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Jamia Online
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Jamia Online Description

Enter a virtual playground where you can mingle and make new friends, head to the dance floor to show off your latest movies or relax in the cinema with some buttery popcorn.


Jamia Online takes you into a virtual reality where you can explore a fun and colorful world, participate in endless exciting activities and games, make great new friends from all over the world and design your own chic apartment. The online community provides you with both social networking and gaming opportunities, and you are able to sign up using your facebook account.

Customize your very own avatar from an impressive selection of clothing and funky accessories, and decide on your avatar’s hair style, eye color, hair color and more. Connect with thousands of people and make new friends as you stroll along the sandy beaches, cruise along the happening pier, or hit the dance floor at the club. There are endless opportunities for networking with people from all over the world in the browser game Jamia Online. With your new friends you can play games together, share tips on fashion and styling or simply hang out and chat.

In Jamia Online you can get your very own apartment and decorate it exactly as you want. Hang out with your friends in your pad and chat about the latest movies, or throw a rocking house party that will go down in Jamia Online history. Head to the in-game cinema by yourself or with a group of your new friends, and watch the latest Internet video or game preview to hit the screens. There are an endless amount of fun flash-based mini-games and puzzles that you can play in Jamia Online – play solo or challenge your friends.

Immerse yourself in a bright and social virtual world where you make new friends, go to cool parties, see the latest movies, play fun games and more…

by Kyle Hayth

Jamia Online Screenshots

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