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Jade Dynasty
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Jade Dynasty Description

Be carried away to a faraway oriental world, where a war has been raging for an eternity between the determined and fierce human race and the vengeful immortal Athan race...


Jade Dynasty is a 3D Asian MMORPG, set in a vast and impressive world based on Chinese legend. It takes you to the midst of an ongoing battle between the Athans and the humans for control of the world. The powerful Athans, along with the animalistic Aiden clan and the powerful Balo warriors have called upon the lethal Rayans and the noble Celans to help them overpower the human race once and for all.

The human race is facing its destiny in this surging mass of opponents, but not without their own determination. The human race is divided into a number of different factions, each with unique skills and attributes. These include the principled Jadeon, the peaceful Skysong, the dangerous Vim, the swift Lupin, and the secretive Modo.

Choose the character class and build your skills through heart-stopping battles against enemies and combat training at the battlegrounds. Increase energy, skills and attributes by collecting the precious Esper relics. In Jade Dynasty, the Esper relics give players significant advantages and they progress through levels, just as the players do.

Join a pre-existing clan, or form a new one as you work together to accomplish skills. As a clan chief, you are able to form an alliance with other clans, creating an even more powerful force. There are alliance specific quests that give you the opportunist for rare items, as well as prestige and glory in Jade Dynasty. Use your experience to induct and recruit new players into the game – with this comes increased experience as well as the opportunity to earn exciting market place items.

Train and keep an adorable pet companion, participate in exciting minigames, and partake in epic battles in the monumental martial arts-themed fantasy MMORPG, Jade Dynasty. The fate of the human race is in your hands.

by Kyle Hayth

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